Dancing Cranes Print


  • Size: 24” X 18”
  • High quality fine art paper print
  • Great color matching
  • Released in 100 numbered and signed copies
  • Accompanied by a beautifully crafted embossed and numbered certificate of authenticity
  • Frame and mat NOT provided
  • Ships flat
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Much like an accomplished poet constructs lyrical ballads by turning emotion into verses, Pakan lays oil to canvas with deliberate strokes, extracting images from his mind’s repository to create captivating paintings.  Dancing Cranes was born of this same creative journey.  When Pakan visualizes an object, a person, a landscape, or in this case, a flock of cranes springing into flight, he transforms his vision into a 3-dimensional masterpiece by applying a unique blend of vibrant paints with the palette knife and brush.  Lose yourself as you gaze into in the depth, color, and movement of the cranes!

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