Pakan’s work includes impressionistic, realistic, portraiture, and abstract. From floral paintings which feature the interplay of color and sunlight in many different settings; to tranquil Cambodian landscapes, to the energetic movement of his thoroughbred pieces.


Penn’s realistic paintings are painstaking elaborations of detail, requiring intricate and exacting brush and palette knife work to capture the essential nature of the image. Likewise, his more impressionistic paintings use minutely precise brushwork and extensive layering of color to vividly attenuate the natural patterns of light and texture in the subject. The ingenuity of his technique lies in the meticulous accretion of thousands of textured brushstrokes that can be effectively employed for various styles. The strokes may be broadened and smoothed, for instance, to subtly illuminate a moody and introspective seascape at night; or they may be miniaturized, thickly concentrated and layered to flood a patch of wildflowers with extravagant sunlight and saturated color.

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